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On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 12:26 PM Rich Shepard <rshepard at>

> I've used JabRef for years but 5.x frustrates me to no end. They've lost
> the
> emacs keyboard chords that were present from 1.x through 4.x so to edit an
> abstract, for example, I need to use the arrow and Del keys. And, they've
> changed the UI so some data entry tabs have their widgets on the left half
> of the application window and the entry preview on the right halt. But,
> accessing the right-hand column of the data entry widgets must be done
> blind
> because that half window cannot be expanded to the right. Serious PITA.
> Yes,
> I've filed bug issues on both but nothing's been fixed. I've tried using
> KDE's bibliography tool but that was equally frustrating. And Zotero
> doesn't
> use bibtex.
> Since I'm not a full-time researcher I don't need to share the bibiography
> with collaborators and I will not store it somewhere in the cloud; my data,
> my network. I also don't particularly care for a GUI; text-based works for
> me since that's how I do most of my work (except when using LyX).
> I've about 1,200 books and PDFs in the bibtex database and other than
> entering new documents I want to search primarily by keywords, secondarily
> by authors.
> Does anyone know of a CLI bibliographic tool? Or a basic one with a GUI
> that
> Just Works(TM)?

I used JabRef and BibDesk (Mac OS) for years, and then KDE's KBibTeX, but
lately I just open my .bib file in Vim. I found that KBibTeX screwed up the
syntax of my file (which has something like 6000 references now, so it was
painful to debug). In Vim, I see the syntax highlighting and it's easy to
see and fix problems. Not super-helpful if you're looking for a GUI, but I
just wanted to confirm that you are not alone in being frustrated with the
available GUI options.


> TIA,
> Rich
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