Testing Release of 2.4.0 Development Branch

Shay Riggs shay.riggs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 23:27:59 UTC 2020

On Thu, 29 Oct 2020 at 22:09, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikiheck at lyx.org>

> Hi, everyone,
> We are beginning the process of moving towards the next major release of
> LyX, which will be 2.4.0. Toward that end, we have prepared a 'testing'
> release. Please note that this is very much for testing. We do not
> necessarily recommend that anyone use it for daily work, although some
> of us do. (Be aware that you may have to deal with some bugs and that
> files edited with 2.4.x cannot be opened in 2.3.x without being exported
> to that format.)

I’ve been looking at the new table features (xltabular, tabularx…) and I
love the improvements.

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for feature enhancements to v2.4,
but I’d love a pair of “suppress column space beforeafter” tickboxes that
put “@{}” before/after the column specifier.

For example, if I have a table with several columns, one of which is a
“Variable” width column, and then use the “LaTeX argument” field to
override the definition, this triggers LyX into thinking you no longer want
the X (“Variable”) type column any more, and instead of a “tabularx” table
you get a “tabular” (which has no concept of an X column).

Looks like the same thing happens on multi-page tables too :-(

I suppose a more general solution might be to have text fields where you
can put in whatever “@{}”-style overrides you like without interfering with
LyX’s column specifier.

Both source code and binaries for Windows and OSX can be found here:
>     http://ftp.lyx.org/ftp/pub/lyx/devel/lyx-2.4/
> Binaries for various Linux distros may or may not be available from
> their associated repositories. (But, if you are on Linux, you should not
> have too much trouble compiling the source. If you need help, just ask.)
> We will greatly appreciate any reports on how well these packages work!
> You can post comments either to lyx-users or to lyx-devel.

Can confirm: it compiles and runs fine (during my very limited tests) on
Arch Linux.

Looking forward to the final release!

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