Testing Release of 2.4.0 Development Branch

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Fri Oct 30 18:11:40 UTC 2020

Am Fr., 30. Okt. 2020 um 09:21 Uhr schrieb Baris Erkus <
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> On 30-Oct-20 1:09 AM, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> > Hi, everyone,
> >
> > We are beginning the process of moving towards the next major release of
> > LyX, which will be 2.4.0. Toward that end, we have prepared a 'testing'
> > release. Please note that this is very much for testing. We do not
> > necessarily recommend that anyone use it for daily work, although some
> > of us do. (Be aware that you may have to deal with some bugs and that
> > files edited with 2.4.x cannot be opened in 2.3.x without being exported
> > to that format.)
> >
> > Both source code and binaries for Windows and OSX can be found here:
> >
> >      http://ftp.lyx.org/ftp/pub/lyx/devel/lyx-2.4/
> >
> > Binaries for various Linux distros may or may not be available from
> > their associated repositories. (But, if you are on Linux, you should not
> > have too much trouble compiling the source. If you need help, just ask.)
> >
> > We will greatly appreciate any reports on how well these packages work!
> > You can post comments either to lyx-users or to lyx-devel.
> >
> > Riki
> >
> Would it be possible to set it up seperately, while keeping the current
> stable LyX Particularly Windows.
> I know I have several installations of LyX on my PC and I did not have
> any issue using them all. Will this be the case for the test release?

>From all I know this should be no problem. You should just make sure that
you uncheck "File associations" while installing the testing release. The
only small issue could happen is that the preview of vector images (like
pdf) will not work, then simply run reconfigure from the LyX UI. Otherwise
you could always ask for help here if something goes wrong.
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