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Wed Oct 28 09:12:07 UTC 2020

On 28-Oct-20 12:01 AM, David Chan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed that LyX was acting differently between computers and am 
> trying to figure out the source of this issue.
> One computer cannot compile a file that uses biblatex with the apa 
> bibliography style, while the other two computers can. Also, the first 
> computer compiles lines slightly differently so that a paper compiles 
> to 110 pages, while on the other two computers, the paper compiles to 
> 109 pages.
> The first computer initially had an older version of LyX, 2.3.0 
> (February 24, 2018), but when I updated it to the newest version, LyX 
> (June 25, 2020), the problem persists. I also found the 
> version that matches the other computers in the archive, LyX 2.3.1-1, 
> and the problem persists with this as well.
> When I checked the preferences on LyX on each of the computers, the 
> first one differs by not having `pdflatex` as an option under 
> Preferences > File Handling > File Formats > Default Output Formats, 
> whereas this option exists on the other computers. I am unable to find 
> the `pdflatex` option on the first computer regardless of the version 
> of LyX.
> The next thing that I did was to reinstall MikTeX on the first 
> computer. This did not seem to resolve the problem, although it seems 
> to have caused errors in compilation ("undefined control sequence", 
> "Missing number, treated as zero", and "Missing glyphs!").
> Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave
First, I would recommend you sending a MWE for each of the problem you 
have listed. Users of the list can try these MWEs on their computers and 
tell you if there is a problem with the LyX file or LyX.

Second, missing "pdflatex" option under LyX may be a sign of faulty 
MikTeX system and trailing faulty LyX configuration. I am guessing you 
are using Windows. You should install the latest updates of MikTeX and 
update everything for both user and admin mode.

I would also recommend testing your MikTeX setup with a MWE of LaTeX file.

You can also re-configure your LyX and see possible errors.

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