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Virgil Arrington cuyfalls at
Fri Oct 23 14:40:40 UTC 2020

For what it's worth, Palatino was designed in such a way that it doesn't 
need "f" ligatures. Ligatures are used because the "f" clashes with the 
next letter. When Hermann Zapf designed Palatino, he designed the "f" in 
such a way that it doesn't clash into following letters; hence the "f" 
ligature isn't needed. This appears to be true as well of the various 
Palatino clones out there, such as Tex Gyre Pagella, URW Palladio, Book 
Antiqua, etc.

I know that may not be a satisfactory answer when you really want the 
ligatures. However, LyX and LaTeX provide beautiful ligatures with other 
typefaces. One of my favorites is Libertine. It has the same basic 
letter shapes as Times Roman but is not nearly as condensed making it 
much more readable and very usable for a wide range of applications. It 
also has true small caps and old style numbering and a companion sans 
serif font in Biolinum. Libertine doesn't seem to have as much character 
as Palatino, but then, that is another plus as readers aren't busy 
noticing the font.

There is also a version that works very well with LibreOffice known as 
Linux Libertine G. (Don't let the "Linux" in its name fool you; it works 
on Windows as well.)


On 10/23/20 2:33 AM, Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
> Andreas,
> this is a (LaTeX) font issue.  The previewer used has nothing to do with
> it.
> And not even unknown :-)-O
> So you may have to select another font.  As Kornel wrote, DejVu which I
> don't have installed.  Interestingly Tex Gyre's Pagella also doesn't
> have ligatures.
> I like Noto and it has the ligatures :-)-O
> The example, by the way is not a MWE, it had tons of Settings, Modules
> and the like...
> el
> On 2020-10-22 19:47 , Andreas Plihal wrote:
>> Dear JMarc,
>> I was quite suprised too. I have enclosed this mail a MWE: I see there
>> are no ligatures, no matter if I use
>>    * Adobe Acrobat Reader
>>    * GIMP
>>    * Firefox
>>    * Edge
>>    * Chrome
>>    * ...
>> Cheers
>> Andreas
> [...]

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