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> Have a look at the APA or APA ver 6 classes .
> On Fri, 16 Oct 2020 at 13:32, Maria Gouskova <gouskova at> wrote:
>> Hi LyX users,
>> I am preparing a manuscript for a publisher who wants the figures and
>> tables to be placed at the end of the document, with something like "Figure
>> X about here" in the body of the paper itself. I thought that the "Page of
>> Floats" setting would accomplish this, but it seems to group all figures
>> and tables into pages scattered throughout the document. (Except for the
>> last table, which gets placed at the very end of the document, after the
>> bibliography, in the middle of its own page.)
>> I guess the solution that would definitely work would be to put all the
>> float insets at the end manually, select "here definitely" for the
>> positioning option, and then use cross-references to define the positioning
>> of the "Figure X about here" tags. It just seems like there should be a
>> more elegant way to accomplish this. Can the "page of floats" option be
>> controlled somehow?
>> Maria
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John Kane
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That wasn't exactly what I was after, since APAv6 comes with so many of its
own formatting quirks I would have to undo that it would take five times as
long as doing the float placement by hand.

But, I dug around some more and found an elegant solution: the endfloat
package. It did exactly what I needed in one line!

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