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Maria Gouskova gouskova at
Fri Oct 16 17:31:50 UTC 2020

Hi LyX users,

I am preparing a manuscript for a publisher who wants the figures and
tables to be placed at the end of the document, with something like "Figure
X about here" in the body of the paper itself. I thought that the "Page of
Floats" setting would accomplish this, but it seems to group all figures
and tables into pages scattered throughout the document. (Except for the
last table, which gets placed at the very end of the document, after the
bibliography, in the middle of its own page.)

I guess the solution that would definitely work would be to put all the
float insets at the end manually, select "here definitely" for the
positioning option, and then use cross-references to define the positioning
of the "Figure X about here" tags. It just seems like there should be a
more elegant way to accomplish this. Can the "page of floats" option be
controlled somehow?

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