Changes to LaTeX

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Wed Oct 14 09:25:08 UTC 2020


I have come across some really obscure errors when trying to compile my
previously mentioned handbook after upgrading LaTeX with the tlmgr which
I do at least weekly (on the Mac).

The underlying reason is that changes have been made to LaTeX' internal
and in my case the catoptions.sty is implicated (but google shows there
are others).

The quick fix is to roll back

	tlmgr restore latex 53958

which implies that tlmgr should have been configured to keep a number of
backups :-)-O.

On the laptop at home I had to Time Machine my whole


because I didn't keep enough backups but you want to look for a backup
from 2020-10-08 or earlier.

On the others it worked out of the box.

Then you try and see if the failed document compiles.

Then run the usual

	 tlmgr update --self --all

try whether it fails and if so, run the above restore after which you
try the compile again.

I am now going to monitor the updates a bit more closely, do them on the
laptop first and if necessary go back as above (step by step)

greetings, el

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