How to insert ERT before first list item

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Tue Oct 13 20:42:25 UTC 2020

On 10/13/20 1:46 PM, Sanford Shieh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m trying to implement resuming enumerate in Beamer following the 
> solution 
> This requires the following:
> \begin{enumerate}
>     \conti
>   \item zip
> In LyX if I put \conti in ERT in the first item, the command appears 
> after \item, and nothing happens.  One thing that worked is to make 
> the first list item \conti in ERT together with a blank Custom Item.  
> The actual LaTeX, seen in the Preview panel, is \item[] \conti
> My question is: is this the only hack available?  Or is there some 
> method in LyX of reproducing the LaTeX above analogous to inserting a 
> Mini Template?
> Thanks,
> Sanford
Assuming you are creating either a Beamer presentation or a Beamer 
article, you can add the "Beamer Resumable Enumerate" module by Jürgen 
Spitmüller. It adds a list type called "Enumerate-Resume" that magically 
picks up numbering where the previous enumeration left off. (In the GUI, 
it will look as if the numbering started over with 1, but in the 
compiled document it will continue with the previous enumeration.)

For reasons that elude me, it is not shipped with LyX, but you can grab 
it from Jürgen's web site:


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