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Paul A. Rubin parubin73 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:57:31 UTC 2020

On 10/12/20 5:19 AM, Andreas Plihal wrote:
> *Gesendet:* Samstag, 10. Oktober 2020 um 18:55 Uhr
> *Von:* "Andreas Plihal" <a.plihal at gmx.at>
> *An:* bariserkus at hotmail.com
> *Betreff:* Re: Problems with LyX
> Dear Baris,
> I send you a MWE called "Farbrahmen" (=color box): .lyx, .pdf, .log, .tex
> After converting I get errors "undefined control sequence": .png
> \ExplSyntaxOn
> \ExplSyntaxOff
> Greetings
> Andreas
Like the others, I have no issues compiling Farbrahmen.lyx (using 
pdflatex), other than harmless warnings that I do not have the mathpazo 
font installed and that there is an unused global option ("usenames") 
being specified. Both are probably left over from the original document. 
There is also a warning against using the fancyhdr package in 
conjunction with a KOMA-Script class.

Is the error message shown from an attempt to compile this document or 
the original one? I ask because the error refers to an undefined LaTeX 
command (\ExplSyntaxOn) that does not appear in the .tex file that you 
attached (and that did not trigger problems when I compiled the document).


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