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Sun Oct 11 19:50:51 UTC 2020

On 09-Oct-20 8:02 PM, Andreas Plihal wrote:
> I want to include boxes for mathematical examples in my book. To do 
> this, I chose the so called 'colored boxes', divided them into an 
> upper part (for the mathematical example) and a lower part (for its 
> solution), was able to underlay both parts with different colors (for 
> making it pretty), choose a pretty thin boxrule and finally managed to 
> make the box breakable. I can even place the text for footnotes inside 
> the box outside the box. Unfortunately, two strange things happen in 
> this process:
>  1. I put 2 footnotes in the box. Outside the box, however, both
>     footnote texts are quoted with the same No. 2. A footnote text
>     with No. 1 does not even exist.
You are using \footnotemark and \footnotetext. I tried this with basic 
LaTeX and both footnotes have 2. Obviously and apparently , these two 
commands cannot follow the numbers. Probably \footnotetext has to follow 

Try this in LaTeX and you will see all the footnote numbers are 3.



     Testing footnotes. I'm writing something here to test \footnotemark 
several features. Testing the second \footnotemark and third \footnotemark.

     \footnotetext{First footnote}
     \footnotetext{Second footnote}
     \footnotetext{Third footnote}


But if you try this one, everything works fine:



     Testing footnotes. I'm writing something here to test \footnotemark 
several features.
     \footnotetext{First footnote}

     Testing the second \footnotemark
     \footnotetext{Second footnote}

     and third \footnotemark.
     \footnotetext{Third footnote}


So, this has nothing to do with LyX. Why don't you use \footnote instead 
of \footnotemark and \footnotetext?

>  1. I made the entire text in the collor box long enough, so there
>     MUST be arise a page break. This puts the first footnote on the
>     first page and the second on the second page of the box. Now the
>     two footnote texts should be shown on the corresponding pages. But
>     they won't, both are shown on the second page.
I am guessing that tcolorbox does not have an automatic page break as 
you would expect. I recommend you look at the manuals of tcolorbox and 
stackexchange pages such as this one 

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