Correct usage of pandoc-crossref

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Mon Nov 30 00:12:44 UTC 2020

On 11/29/20 6:20 PM, André Jäger wrote:
> Hello,
> since a short time I am using LYX, and I am thankful for this 
> wonderful program.
> I need to export the document to a docx-format.
> I managed successfully the creation of the bibliography using 
> pandoc-citeproc with a csl-file.
> Now I would like to take care of the cross-references and numbering of 
> figures and tables. Therefore pandoc-crossref has to be used.
> I fail using pandoc-crossref in a correct way that the expected result 
> is created (a docx-document including the cross-references and 
> numbering of figures and tables). The output-file with the usage of 
> pandoc-crossref is exactly the same as without the usage of 
> pandoc-crossref. There are no cross-references und numberings 
> displayed in the output-docx-file.
> I use the following command / syntax:
> pandoc -s -f latex --filter pandoc-crossref -o destinationfile.docx -t 
> docx latexfile.tex
> I checked the documentation, and I am not sure about the 
> "--filter"-option. I am not sure if a filter has to be defined somewhere.
It would probably be best to ask this question wherever pandoc itself 
gets discussed. I'm not sure how many people here use it, let alone are 
expert with it.


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