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since a short time I am using LYX, and I am thankful for this wonderful

I need to export the document to a docx-format.

I managed successfully the creation of the bibliography using
pandoc-citeproc with a csl-file.

Now I would like to take care of the cross-references and numbering of
figures and tables. Therefore pandoc-crossref has to be used.

I fail using pandoc-crossref in a correct way that the expected result
is created (a docx-document including the cross-references and numbering
of figures and tables). The output-file with the usage of
pandoc-crossref is exactly the same as without the usage of
pandoc-crossref. There are no cross-references und numberings displayed
in the output-docx-file.

I use the following command / syntax:

pandoc -s -f latex --filter pandoc-crossref -o destinationfile.docx -t
docx latexfile.tex

I checked the documentation, and I am not sure about the
"--filter"-option. I am not sure if a filter has to be defined somewhere.

Since I am quite a beginner, I am thankful for a hint.

Best wishes,


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