Conversion error to MS-Word Office-Open XML / OpenDocument (pandoc)

André Jäger andre.jaeger at
Thu Nov 12 20:56:20 UTC 2020


I have LyX Version on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

I have to export a LYX-Document to MSWord. The document is encoded with
Unicode (utf8), and the converter-definition LaTEX (plain) -> MS-Word
Office-Open XML is set to:||

pandoc -s -f latex -o $$o -t docx $$i

That works. In order to export a bibliogrphy, I changed the
converter-defitiontio to:

pandoc -s -filter pandoc-citeproc -f latex -o $$o -t docx $$i

Without having added a citation and bibliography (I did not change the
document), the error-message appears: An error occurred while running:
pandoc -s -filter pandoc-citeproc -f latex -o "test.docx" -t docx

The document did not change, still encoded with Unicode (utf8), there is
no bibliography inserted that might contain an error, and
pandoc-citeproc is installed.

The same happens for an export to OpenDocument (pandoc) with converter:
pandoc -s --filter pandoc-citeproc -f latex -o $$o -t odt $$i

Does someone have an idea what do do?

Thank you, and thanks for the wonderful program. (I am new to LYX and in
the beginning to work with it).

Thank you, André

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