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Daniel xracoonx at
Sat Nov 7 06:48:07 UTC 2020

On 2020-11-05 15:13, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> Am 05.11.20 um 13:33 schrieb Daniel:
>> On 2020-11-05 10:06, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>> Am 05.11.20 um 09:44 schrieb Daniel:
>>>> On 2020-11-05 09:23, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>> Am 05.11.20 um 09:05 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>>> On 2020-11-03 18:23, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>>>> Am 03.11.20 um 16:08 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>>>>> On 2020-11-03 15:00, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Am 03.11.20 um 12:53 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>>>>>>> On 2020-11-02 08:52, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> I remember that in earlier LyX versions the shortcuts were
>>>>>>>>>>> indicated somewhere and I was thus reminded how to use them. How
>>>>>>>>>>> do I get this back? There is the LyX shortcut help file, I know.
>>>>>>>>>>> But it would help to have them faster visible.
>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks, Wolfgang
>>>>>>>>>> Dear Wolfgang,
>>>>>>>>>> I am not sure to which "somewhere" you refer. In LyX, I see the
>>>>>>>>>> shortcuts indicated on menu entries that have shortcuts and all
>>>>>>>>>> shortcuts are listed under Preferences > Editing > Shortcuts.
>>>>>>>>>> Best, Daniel
>>>>>>>>> Thanks, Daniel
>>>>>>>>> under shortcuts I have
>>>>>>>>> bindfile cua
>>>>>>>>> show key bindings and everything else is empty.
>>>>>>>>> The same, if I open various help files.
>>>>>>>>> Could somebody send me an example, if he/she has shortcuts listed
>>>>>>>>> in it?
>>>>>>>>> Wolfgang
>>>>>>>> Attached is my cua.bind file. You can normally find it in your
>>>>>>>> Library directory (path to which can be found under Help > About
>>>>>>>> LyX). If it is not there, then I expect something is wrong with 
>>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>>> installation. If it is there, maybe it is overridden by another
>>>>>>>> cua.bind file in your User directory (path in About LyX)?
>>>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>>>> Thanks, Daniel and Paul. I wasn't brave enough to click on the > 's
>>>>>>> which shows a huge number of shortcuts. So my lyx seems to be ok.
>>>>>>> My question is, whether there is a selection of some of the most
>>>>>>> useful shortcuts, and whether (and how) they are displayed in my lyx
>>>>>>> document.
>>>>>>> Wolfgang
>>>>>> Is Help > Shortcuts doing what you are after?
>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>> No, Daniel. I still do not understand how to get this >>>
>>>>> (From User Guide 2.7)
>>>>> You will learn more and more key bindings and short-cut keys as you 
>>>>> use
>>>>> LyX, because most actions will prompt a
>>>>>  >>> small message in the status bar at the bottom of LyX's main 
>>>>> window
>>>>> which describes the name of the action you have just triggered, and 
>>>>> any
>>>>> existing key bindings for that action. The LyX menus also list the
>>>>> defined key bindings. The notation for the key bindings is very 
>>>>> similar
>>>>> to the notation used in this documentation, so you should not have any
>>>>> problems understanding it. However, notice that Shift-modifiers are
>>>>> explicitly mentioned, so “Alt+P Shift+A” means Alt+P followed by a
>>>>> capital A.
>>>>> Let' say, I paste with the mouse a few words in my document and do
>>>>> Bold    Strg+Alt+B
>>>>> which does what I want. But I can't see afterwards the
>>>>> small message in the status bar at the bottom of LyX's main window
>>>>> Wolfgang
>>>> The status bar is where you see "Font: Default" with an empty document
>>>> open. When I take the steps you did I see:
>>>> Action: Paste text with the mouse
>>>> Status bar text: "Paste (paste ⌘V, ⇧Ins)"
>>>> which indicates that the paste keyboard shortcut is are ⌘V and ⇧Ins (on
>>>> Mac).
>>>> Action: Make text bold via the shortcut (on mac ⌘B)
>>>> Status bar text: "Font: Bold"
>>>> So, it seems if I trigger an action via the mouse, the shortcut is 
>>>> shown
>>>> while when I already know the shortcut and press it, the shortcut is 
>>>> not
>>>> shown. Makes sense to me.
>>>> Similarly: if you press the Emphasis toolbar button with the mouse, the
>>>> keyboard shortcut is shown, while if you press the shortcut it is 
>>>> not shown.
>>>> Daniel
>>> "where you see "Font: Default""
>>> Where should I see it?
>> See the attached screen capture. If you work in full screen it might 
>> be hidden depending on your setting of Hide Statusbar in Preferences > 
>> Editing > Control.
>>> Let's take another example:
>>> I would like to use a Bookmark
>>> I do
>>>  >Navigate>Bookmarks>Save Bookmark1 and I am told to use ^ + F1
>>> How do I invoke the status bar and how do I get this shortcut ^ + F1 
>>> into it?
>> The status bar is always there (with the restriction mentioned above). 
>> The status bar will show the shortcut briefly if you click on the menu.
>>> Finally I would like to have a status bar shown with a number of 
>>> often used shortcuts in it at which I could click after having 
>>> selected a marked sequence of words or whatever, or after being at a 
>>> certain place in the document where the action (bookmark1) should be 
>>> triggered
>> Currently, the status bar only shows the shortcut for the command 
>> issued. I guess what you would like to see is often used commands and 
>> their shortcuts (maybe depending on the context). I don't think this 
>> is currently implemented but it might be a good idea, so you could 
>> file an enhancement request.
>> I seem to remember LyX showing possible shortcut keys in the statusbar 
>> once a modifier key was pressed but cannot see this currently (at 
>> least on macOS).
>> Daniel
> Thanks again, Daniel, for your patience and for the screenshot. How did 
> you get the Font:Default line with the red rim? If I go to the lower 
> part of the lyx screen and press the right mouse knob, I can select out 
> of a large number of offers, including 'other toolbars' which shows 
> again quite a number choices. What did you choose to get this red framed 
> inclucion and what do you do with it? (remember, I would like to see 
> some of the often used shortcuts).
> Sorry, I am afraid I am boring most of the list memebers. May I right 
> you privately, to clarify this and I report on the outcome (if there is 
> one)?
> Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

The status bar with the text "Font:Default" is there by default. (The 
red border I added manually, so that's not part of LyX.) There are no 
options what to show on this status bar. It's not customizable. In 
particular, you cannot let shortcuts show up there, as far as I know. 
Are you searching for something that you remember used to be there in 
LyX? If not, then it's probably not there and all you can do is create a 
feature request on the bug tracker for this.

Feel free to write me privately, but, I am afraid, I don't know much 
more about this.


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