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Thu Nov 5 14:13:39 UTC 2020

Am 05.11.20 um 13:33 schrieb Daniel:
> On 2020-11-05 10:06, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>> Am 05.11.20 um 09:44 schrieb Daniel:
>>> On 2020-11-05 09:23, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>> Am 05.11.20 um 09:05 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>> On 2020-11-03 18:23, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
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>>>>>>> On 2020-11-03 15:00, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>>>>> Am 03.11.20 um 12:53 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>>>>>> On 2020-11-02 08:52, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> I remember that in earlier LyX versions the shortcuts were
>>>>>>>>>> indicated somewhere and I was thus reminded how to use them. How
>>>>>>>>>> do I get this back? There is the LyX shortcut help file, I know.
>>>>>>>>>> But it would help to have them faster visible.
>>>>>>>>>> Thanks, Wolfgang
>>>>>>>>> Dear Wolfgang,
>>>>>>>>> I am not sure to which "somewhere" you refer. In LyX, I see the
>>>>>>>>> shortcuts indicated on menu entries that have shortcuts and all
>>>>>>>>> shortcuts are listed under Preferences > Editing > Shortcuts.
>>>>>>>>> Best, Daniel
>>>>>>>> Thanks, Daniel
>>>>>>>> under shortcuts I have
>>>>>>>> bindfile cua
>>>>>>>> show key bindings and everything else is empty.
>>>>>>>> The same, if I open various help files.
>>>>>>>> Could somebody send me an example, if he/she has shortcuts listed
>>>>>>>> in it?
>>>>>>>> Wolfgang
>>>>>>> Attached is my cua.bind file. You can normally find it in your
>>>>>>> Library directory (path to which can be found under Help > About
>>>>>>> LyX). If it is not there, then I expect something is wrong with your
>>>>>>> installation. If it is there, maybe it is overridden by another
>>>>>>> cua.bind file in your User directory (path in About LyX)?
>>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>>> Thanks, Daniel and Paul. I wasn't brave enough to click on the > 's
>>>>>> which shows a huge number of shortcuts. So my lyx seems to be ok.
>>>>>> My question is, whether there is a selection of some of the most
>>>>>> useful shortcuts, and whether (and how) they are displayed in my lyx
>>>>>> document.
>>>>>> Wolfgang
>>>>> Is Help > Shortcuts doing what you are after?
>>>>> Daniel
>>>> No, Daniel. I still do not understand how to get this >>>
>>>> (From User Guide 2.7)
>>>> You will learn more and more key bindings and short-cut keys as you use
>>>> LyX, because most actions will prompt a
>>>>  >>> small message in the status bar at the bottom of LyX's main window
>>>> which describes the name of the action you have just triggered, and any
>>>> existing key bindings for that action. The LyX menus also list the
>>>> defined key bindings. The notation for the key bindings is very similar
>>>> to the notation used in this documentation, so you should not have any
>>>> problems understanding it. However, notice that Shift-modifiers are
>>>> explicitly mentioned, so “Alt+P Shift+A” means Alt+P followed by a
>>>> capital A.
>>>> Let' say, I paste with the mouse a few words in my document and do
>>>> Bold    Strg+Alt+B
>>>> which does what I want. But I can't see afterwards the
>>>> small message in the status bar at the bottom of LyX's main window
>>>> Wolfgang
>>> The status bar is where you see "Font: Default" with an empty document
>>> open. When I take the steps you did I see:
>>> Action: Paste text with the mouse
>>> Status bar text: "Paste (paste ⌘V, ⇧Ins)"
>>> which indicates that the paste keyboard shortcut is are ⌘V and ⇧Ins (on
>>> Mac).
>>> Action: Make text bold via the shortcut (on mac ⌘B)
>>> Status bar text: "Font: Bold"
>>> So, it seems if I trigger an action via the mouse, the shortcut is shown
>>> while when I already know the shortcut and press it, the shortcut is not
>>> shown. Makes sense to me.
>>> Similarly: if you press the Emphasis toolbar button with the mouse, the
>>> keyboard shortcut is shown, while if you press the shortcut it is not 
>>> shown.
>>> Daniel
>> "where you see "Font: Default""
>> Where should I see it?
> See the attached screen capture. If you work in full screen it might be 
> hidden depending on your setting of Hide Statusbar in Preferences > 
> Editing > Control.
>> Let's take another example:
>> I would like to use a Bookmark
>> I do
>>  >Navigate>Bookmarks>Save Bookmark1 and I am told to use ^ + F1
>> How do I invoke the status bar and how do I get this shortcut ^ + F1 
>> into it?
> The status bar is always there (with the restriction mentioned above). 
> The status bar will show the shortcut briefly if you click on the menu.
>> Finally I would like to have a status bar shown with a number of often 
>> used shortcuts in it at which I could click after having selected a 
>> marked sequence of words or whatever, or after being at a certain 
>> place in the document where the action (bookmark1) should be triggered
> Currently, the status bar only shows the shortcut for the command 
> issued. I guess what you would like to see is often used commands and 
> their shortcuts (maybe depending on the context). I don't think this is 
> currently implemented but it might be a good idea, so you could file an 
> enhancement request.
> I seem to remember LyX showing possible shortcut keys in the statusbar 
> once a modifier key was pressed but cannot see this currently (at least 
> on macOS).
> Daniel
Thanks again, Daniel, for your patience and for the screenshot. How did 
you get the Font:Default line with the red rim? If I go to the lower 
part of the lyx screen and press the right mouse knob, I can select out 
of a large number of offers, including 'other toolbars' which shows 
again quite a number choices. What did you choose to get this red framed 
inclucion and what do you do with it? (remember, I would like to see 
some of the often used shortcuts).
Sorry, I am afraid I am boring most of the list memebers. May I right 
you privately, to clarify this and I report on the outcome (if there is 

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