LyX acting differently between computers

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> > ??????????????????????????????????????????
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> Thanks very much Baris for your thoughts!
> I tried compiling the document in my LaTeX installation (TeXShop). When I
> typeset the file with `pdflatexmk`, it compiles fine. When I compile it
> with Plain TeX, it compiles incorrectly, although it looks different than
> the problematic output from LyX.
> Yes, I have reconfigured LyX whenever updating in the TeX Live Utility or
> installing a new version of MacTeX. This doesn't seem to matter.
> Can you tell me more about how to add PDF (pdflatex) to Preferences by
> myself? I'm sure that would do the trick. As I mentioned, when I manually
> use pdflatex from Document > View (Other Formats), it works fine. The only
> problem is that I cannot get pdflatex to appear in the dropdown in
> Preferences in order to make it my default.
> Thanks,
> Dave

Add the line
	\default_view_format pdf2
to file 'preferences'

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