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On 03-Nov-20 12:39 AM, David Chan wrote:
>         On 28-Oct-20 12:01 AM, David Chan wrote:
>         > Hi all,
>         >
>         > I noticed that LyX was acting differently between computers
>         and am
>         > trying to figure out the source of this issue.
>         >
>         > One computer cannot compile a file that uses biblatex with
>         the apa
>         > bibliography style, while the other two computers can. Also,
>         the first
>         > computer compiles lines slightly differently so that a paper
>         compiles
>         > to 110 pages, while on the other two computers, the paper
>         compiles to
>         > 109 pages.
>         >
>         > The first computer initially had an older version of LyX, 2.3.0
>         > (February 24, 2018), but when I updated it to the newest
>         version, LyX
>         > (June 25, 2020), the problem persists. I also found the
>         > version that matches the other computers in the archive, LyX
>         2.3.1-1,
>         > and the problem persists with this as well.
>         >
>         > When I checked the preferences on LyX on each of the
>         computers, the
>         > first one differs by not having `pdflatex` as an option under
>         > Preferences > File Handling > File Formats > Default Output
>         Formats,
>         > whereas this option exists on the other computers. I am
>         unable to find
>         > the `pdflatex` option on the first computer regardless of
>         the version
>         > of LyX.
>         >
>         > The next thing that I did was to reinstall MikTeX on the first
>         > computer. This did not seem to resolve the problem, although
>         it seems
>         > to have caused errors in compilation ("undefined control
>         sequence",
>         > "Missing number, treated as zero", and "Missing glyphs!").
>         >
>         > Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?
>         >
>         > Thanks in advance,
>         > Dave
>         >
>         First, I would recommend you sending a MWE for each of the
>         problem you
>         have listed. Users of the list can try these MWEs on their
>         computers and
>         tell you if there is a problem with the LyX file or LyX.
>         Second, missing "pdflatex" option under LyX may be a sign of
>         faulty
>         MikTeX system and trailing faulty LyX configuration. I am
>         guessing you
>         are using Windows. You should install the latest updates of
>         MikTeX and
>         update everything for both user and admin mode.
>         I would also recommend testing your MikTeX setup with a MWE of
>         LaTeX file.
>         You can also re-configure your LyX and see possible errors.
>         -- 
>         ??????????????????????????????????????????
>         Please bottom-post. Start your reply here:
>     Thanks so much for your reply!
>     The suggestion to do MWEs is really great. I’ve never done this
>     before, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m attaching two .lyx MWEs
>     and a related .. For each MWE, I also attach two PDF files: PDF
>     files with the suffix |-1| correspond to the error produced on the
>     first computer, and PDF files with the suffix |-0| correspond to
>     the correct output produced on the other computers.
>       * |mwe1.lyx| is what happens when I switch from BibTeX to
>         biblatex in the Settings > Bibliography page.
>       * |mwe2.lyx| is what happens when I further specify the apa
>         bibliography style within biblatex in the Settings >
>         Bibliography page.
>     In a way, the fact that I do not have pdflatex as an option in the
>     first computer under Preferences > File Handling > File Formats >
>     Default Output Formats, while I have that specified in the other
>     computers, is a clue that does not even depend on the .lyx document.
>     FYI, all computers are Macs, and they all are using macOS Catalina
>     (10.15.7).
>     Apologies for stating MiKTeX on my last post, as that was
>     misleading. In fact, I’ve been using MacTeX. I updated MacTeX,
>     reconfigured LyX, and confirmed that the path in Tools > TeX
>     Information points to |/usr/local/texlive/2020/|. Weirdly, the
>     update actually caused more errors, as I mentioned above. Is there
>     a way to figure out which packages are causing the problem?
>     Thanks again,
>     Dave
> Hi all,
> I have an update on this, which has clarified the root of the problem 
> but in some ways is still mysterious.
> I’ve discovered that that |pdflatex| indeed does exist on the 
> previously problematic computer under |Document > View (Other 
> Formats)|. If I compile the files using |pdflatex| from this dropdown 
> menu, everything turns out fine for the MWEs. It turns out that LuaTeX 
> is problematic on all of my computers, regardless of the MacTeX 
> version that I’m using. In other words, I need to use |pdflatex| 
> rather than LuaTeX to handle |biblatex| properly.
> The weird thing is that |pdflatex| can be set as the default output 
> format in |Preferences > File Handling > File Formats| in all of my 
> computers except for the problematic computer. I’m not sure why in 
> that computer it’s not showing up in |Preferences|, but is an option 
> in the |Document > View (Other Formats)| dropdown.
> Does anyone have any clue?
> Thanks,
> Dave
Hello Dave,

I have tried your LyX files and I have the correct outputs.

Couple of suggestions:

1. Did you check your LaTeX installation by running the pdflatex on the 
following latex file (e.g. mwe.tex) ?









See \citealt{imbens_identification_1994}.\printbibliography


2. Did you reconfigure LyX after updating your LaTeX system.

3. You can add PDF (pdflatex) to Preferences by yourself. Did you try that?

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