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On 28-Oct-20 12:01 AM, David Chan wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > I noticed that LyX was acting differently between computers and am
>> > trying to figure out the source of this issue.
>> >
>> > One computer cannot compile a file that uses biblatex with the apa
>> > bibliography style, while the other two computers can. Also, the first
>> > computer compiles lines slightly differently so that a paper compiles
>> > to 110 pages, while on the other two computers, the paper compiles to
>> > 109 pages.
>> >
>> > The first computer initially had an older version of LyX, 2.3.0
>> > (February 24, 2018), but when I updated it to the newest version, LyX
>> > (June 25, 2020), the problem persists. I also found the
>> > version that matches the other computers in the archive, LyX 2.3.1-1,
>> > and the problem persists with this as well.
>> >
>> > When I checked the preferences on LyX on each of the computers, the
>> > first one differs by not having `pdflatex` as an option under
>> > Preferences > File Handling > File Formats > Default Output Formats,
>> > whereas this option exists on the other computers. I am unable to find
>> > the `pdflatex` option on the first computer regardless of the version
>> > of LyX.
>> >
>> > The next thing that I did was to reinstall MikTeX on the first
>> > computer. This did not seem to resolve the problem, although it seems
>> > to have caused errors in compilation ("undefined control sequence",
>> > "Missing number, treated as zero", and "Missing glyphs!").
>> >
>> > Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance,
>> > Dave
>> >
>> First, I would recommend you sending a MWE for each of the problem you
>> have listed. Users of the list can try these MWEs on their computers and
>> tell you if there is a problem with the LyX file or LyX.
>> Second, missing "pdflatex" option under LyX may be a sign of faulty
>> MikTeX system and trailing faulty LyX configuration. I am guessing you
>> are using Windows. You should install the latest updates of MikTeX and
>> update everything for both user and admin mode.
>> I would also recommend testing your MikTeX setup with a MWE of LaTeX file.
>> You can also re-configure your LyX and see possible errors.
>> --
>> ??????????????????????????????????????????
>> Please bottom-post. Start your reply here:
>> Thanks so much for your reply!
> The suggestion to do MWEs is really great. I’ve never done this before,
> but it makes a lot of sense. I’m attaching two .lyx MWEs and a related ..
> For each MWE, I also attach two PDF files: PDF files with the suffix -1
> correspond to the error produced on the first computer, and PDF files with
> the suffix -0 correspond to the correct output produced on the other
> computers.
>    - mwe1.lyx is what happens when I switch from BibTeX to biblatex in
>    the Settings > Bibliography page.
>    - mwe2.lyx is what happens when I further specify the apa bibliography
>    style within biblatex in the Settings > Bibliography page.
> In a way, the fact that I do not have pdflatex as an option in the first
> computer under Preferences > File Handling > File Formats > Default Output
> Formats, while I have that specified in the other computers, is a clue that
> does not even depend on the .lyx document.
> FYI, all computers are Macs, and they all are using macOS Catalina
> (10.15.7).
> Apologies for stating MiKTeX on my last post, as that was misleading. In
> fact, I’ve been using MacTeX. I updated MacTeX, reconfigured LyX, and
> confirmed that the path in Tools > TeX Information points to
> /usr/local/texlive/2020/. Weirdly, the update actually caused more
> errors, as I mentioned above. Is there a way to figure out which packages
> are causing the problem?
> Thanks again,
> Dave
Hi all,

I have an update on this, which has clarified the root of the problem but
in some ways is still mysterious.

I’ve discovered that that pdflatex indeed does exist on the previously
problematic computer under Document > View (Other Formats). If I compile
the files using pdflatex from this dropdown menu, everything turns out fine
for the MWEs. It turns out that LuaTeX is problematic on all of my
computers, regardless of the MacTeX version that I’m using. In other words,
I need to use pdflatex rather than LuaTeX to handle biblatex properly.

The weird thing is that pdflatex can be set as the default output
format in Preferences
> File Handling > File Formats in all of my computers except for the
problematic computer. I’m not sure why in that computer it’s not showing up
in Preferences, but is an option in the Document > View (Other Formats)

Does anyone have any clue?

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