Paths forgotten?

Pavel Sanda sanda at
Thu May 7 17:44:37 UTC 2020

On Thu, May 07, 2020 at 01:16:56PM -0400, UD Kap wrote:
>    David,
>    Indeed, I use Linux for (almost) everything, but have (on the same
>    machine) a Windows 10 partition, with its own Lyx/Latex.* I naively
>    assumed that using the browse key in setting up an image in the Lyx
>    presentation will insert the correct path for that image file.* As I have
>    now discovered, the path that was inserted* was valid only for the editing
>    session in which it was inserted.*
>    *** Prompted by your suggestion, I replaced the beginning of the path for
>    all the confusing files (which was pointing to the Windows partition)* by
>    ~, and now Lyx is no longer confused.

Editing the same file by alternate booting to both Windows and Linux is a brave
move and I hope you do regular backups :) If by chance your Windows hibernate and
you try to edit the lyx file in linux on the mounted drive meanwhile, you might
end up with data loss after new reboot to windows...

Anyway, if the images are stored not that far away, you can use manually inserted
"../" in paths (e.g. "../../another_project/fig1.eps") so it does not depend 
on linux vs windows path start and work in both of them.


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