Paths forgotten?

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Thu May 7 15:25:26 UTC 2020


Are you opening this file in LyX from two different operating systems (or
two different machines), synchronized via Dropbox? Otherwise I cannot
fathom any circumstances that LyX would even think to use a Windows-based
path and then a Linux-based path. Maybe running LyX under Cygwin, and then
not under Cygwin?

If you are looking at files using two different operating systems (or
shared across two different computers with different users, so different
absolute paths to files), you can manually enter a relative path to the
figures. LyX will always store that relative path just fine. The only issue
arises if you decide to change the figure file and use the "Browse" button
to find the file. But again, once you have found that file, you can alter
the beginning (absolute) part of the path and replace it with the
appropriate relative path with ".." and the like.


On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 10:22 AM UD Kap <ehud.kaplan at> wrote:

> Pavel,
> When you shoot in the dark you come close to the target (I think), so I
> should be more careful ;-)
> When I look at the path of the "confusing" image files (in the Lyx file),
> it says: C:/Users/Gabriel.000/Dropbox....
> The beginning of that path (C:/Users/Gabriel.000) is the path to the
> *Windows* partition on my disk. If I then click on that path in the Lyx
> file, I get the usual Linux path (/home/udi/Dropbox...) which then works
> fine, until the next visit to the Lyx file (might require a boot to show
> the issue-- I shall check)..
>    So this exercise showed me that when I exit from the Lyx file, and
> perhaps reboot, the beginning of the path for the confusing image files
> changes from /home/udi/Dropbox... to c:/gabriel.000/Dropbox... for
> reasons known only to the Gods of Lyx.  That path confuses Lyx.
> Yours,
> E. Kaplan
> On 5/6/20 3:38 PM, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> On Wed, May 06, 2020 at 12:45:34PM -0400, UD Kap wrote:
>    Pavel, I think you are getting close-- the line says:** \origin
>    unavailable
>    What now?
> Unfortunately no, this was not fruitful direction, that value is pretty normal.
> Can you answer my other questions (see below)?
> Reading one more time the original report, I have two additional questions:
> - when you say that you return to your presentation day(s) later does it mean
>   that LyX was running the whole time or you launch LyX anew?
> - you report the error "cannot determine the size of the graphics..".
>   But if you click on that image and check in the dialog field "File:"
>   do you still see correct path or is it lost?
> Pavel
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