Paths forgotten?

Pavel Sanda sanda at
Wed May 6 19:38:52 UTC 2020

On Wed, May 06, 2020 at 12:45:34PM -0400, UD Kap wrote:
>    Pavel, I think you are getting close-- the line says:** \origin
>    unavailable
>    What now?

Unfortunately no, this was not fruitful direction, that value is pretty normal.
Can you answer my other questions (see below)?

> Reading one more time the original report, I have two additional questions:
> - when you say that you return to your presentation day(s) later does it mean
>   that LyX was running the whole time or you launch LyX anew?
> - you report the error "cannot determine the size of the graphics..".
>   But if you click on that image and check in the dialog field "File:"
>   do you still see correct path or is it lost?


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