Show footcite as textcite

Daniel xracoonx at
Sat May 2 14:29:13 UTC 2020


Are there any Biblatex wizzards on the list?

I want the \autocite(s) (that I have set to footnotes) to show the same 
format as the \textcite(s) commands.

I can easily do


But that doesn't accomplish what I want because I want them to still 
produce footnotes. So, I guess I will have to redefine the autocite 
commands with something like


Would that in principle work? Does anyone know where to find the proper 
definition of the *cite commands in question so that I can get the 
definition right concerning number of optional arguments and such?

Why do I want this? I am using also textcite in the text, so it just 
seems natural to me to use the same format in footnotes that can also 
have little texts. And I don't have any style guides to satisfy. So, I 
just wanted it to look consistent.


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