Let it run

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Sat May 2 12:35:21 UTC 2020

I use rsvg-convert which on the the Mac is easily installed as

	brew install librsvg

and then a Tools -> Reconfigure should see it.

I would think loading something like inkscape is slower than little
tool like this.

I have a 550 page document with a few images, listings and child
documents which lualatex compiles  in 101.49seconds (according to time).

I also work within LyX most of the time and while I have set it up that
I can compile each child document individually (using an included TeX
file for common stuff), I find a Makefile makes much more sense.

External material is referenced in the Makefile as dependency and while
this requires some discipline to set up (add), it has the advantage
that changes in external material is not overlooked.


On 2020-05-01 21:18 , Steve Litt wrote:
> Now we're getting somewhere. LyX can't use .svg (Inkscape) directly, so
> it must convert them on compile. I'd define the graphics as something
> LyX *can* deal with directly, like .pdf and others, and just do .svg
> conversions when an inkscape file changes.

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