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> I have tried mightily to get LyX to break long equations. I’ve studied
> multiple pages at stackexchange, both LaTeX and LyX, and can’t seem to get
> anything to work.
> ...
> How do LyX-ers handle this? Is there “LyX” solution to breaking long
> equations? I’m OK with some ad hoc solution for now, or some ERT if it
> works.


I regret that I don't have any good guidance to satisfy your desire to
automatically break equations.  One benefit to LaTeX is the aesthetic as a
result of the underlying algorithms, but I know of no automatic algorithms
to universally break equations well.  I suspect this is the case because
each component in the equation has distinct meaning and how the equation is
broken and aligned can help the reader interpret it (e.g., breaking at
"logical" places).

As such, the two approaches I take are to either use multiline or aligned
equations (with the "right-hand side" indented with a manual \quad).  This
has produced equations I'm usually happy with.  Multiline is a bit more
"automatic," but it can produce equations that aren't totally satisfying
(e.g., 6b in this paper

Sorry I can't offer a good and direct answer, but I hope these thoughts

- Joel
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