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Yes Eberhard avery useful.  Many of my colleagues have suggested it. I should have done it years ago. I’m 75 now and am weary of learning new  operating systems. Ive used windows from the beginning. Something I’m familiar with and works for me. So forgive me, my life left is too short for such considerations. Many thanksMike 

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On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 1:13 pm, Dr Eberhard Lisse <nospam at lisse.NA> wrote:


Do away with Windows and get yourself a proper Mac.


On 16/06/2020 13:45, Mike Reeks wrote:
> Dear Eberhard
> Could u be a little more respectful in your criticism and
> observations.  I had been using lyx 2.2 version successfully in my
> review article.  So the bibtex and referencing worked perfectly as
> wells as the nomenclature listing.  Furthermore my version of lyx is
> tolerant of spaces in flienames etc.  It is only the recent version
> that doesn’t accept spaces.  I am aware of errors in formatting
> references in the bibtex file which stops the conversion.  Now for
> some unknown reason the conversion to pdf file works but doesn’t
> contain the reference list.  What has happened to my Miktex without my
> doing anything whatsoever?  It turns out that Miktex gets up dated
> without the user knowing and that’s what might happened.
> Many thanks for your comments and observations.  It is much
> appreciated.  I will cary on with review article using my prest
> version of lyx .  There is not much to be done.  Then I will reinstall
> Miktex and download the most recent version of Lyx.  I will keep you
> informed of progress.
> Best regards
> Michael Reeks
> Prof Michael Reeks FinstP FAPS 
> Professor Emerius of Fluid Mechanics
> University of Newcastle 
> Visiting Professor 
> Dept of Aeronautics
> Imperial College 
> On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 11:01 am, Dr Eberhard Lisse <nospam at lisse.NA> wrote:
>    You have a number of ligatures such as fl or ff being one character
>    instead of two and therefor I don't believe that this came about by
>    itself.  When I fix (all of) these it compiles without error.
>    This is CLEARLY shown in the error messages produced by LyX(LaTeX).
>    There are typing errors in the reference. Ruuning a spelling checker
>    would have probably picked the cause of the issue up, by the way.
>    There are leading spaces within {}.
>    Generally it looks untidy, if only for hyphenated titles, not something
>    I would send out when asking for help.
>    BTW, not everybody is impressed by spaces in file names.
>    And what is really irritating, not only is this not a MWE, but if you
>    had bothered to construct one, by removing everything but the offending
>    item (ie reference in the BIB file) you would have seen this yourself.
>    el
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>    >
>    > I have used bibtex generated bibliography with access to an
>    > appropriates bibtex database of references in all my lyx files that
>    > cite references.
>    >
>    > Upto now I have had no problems.  I usually generate a pdf file in the
>    > lyx document conversion.  Now for some unknown reason when converting
>    > a lyx file toa pdf file or any other file the reference list is
>    > missing in the document conversion and the reference in the text are
>    > not recognised and appear as [?].  I have no idea what has caused the
>    > problem.  Why it was working before and not now since as far as I am
>    > aware I have done nothing.  It happens on all my lyx files.  I attach
>    > a simple example lyx file, the latex file and the pdf conversion file
>    > and the bib reference file.  I would be very grateful if someone could
>    > shed some light as to what is going on.  Its a really annoying.  I am
>    > writing a review article using lyx which is about 6o pages long
>    >
>    > Best regards
>    >
>    > Mike Reeks
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