FW: Problems using Bibtex with lyx.

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Tue Jun 16 10:00:39 UTC 2020

You have a number of ligatures such as fl or ff being one character
instead of two and therefor I don't believe that this came about by
itself.  When I fix (all of) these it compiles without error.

This is CLEARLY shown in the error messages produced by LyX(LaTeX). 

There are typing errors in the reference. Ruuning a spelling checker 
would have probably picked the cause of the issue up, by the way.

There are leading spaces within {}.

Generally it looks untidy, if only for hyphenated titles, not something
I would send out when asking for help.

BTW, not everybody is impressed by spaces in file names.

And what is really irritating, not only is this not a MWE, but if you
had bothered to construct one, by removing everything but the offending
item (ie reference in the BIB file) you would have seen this yourself.


On 11/06/2020 13:36, Mike Reeks wrote:
> *From: *Mike Reeks <mailto:mike.reeks at yahoo.com>
> *Sent: *11 June 2020 10:45
> *To: *lyx-users-subscribe at lists.lyx.org
> *Subject: *Problems using Bibtex with lyx. Help!!
> I have used bibtex generated bibliography with access to an
> appropriates bibtex database of references in all my lyx files that
> cite references.
> Upto now I have had no problems.  I usually generate a pdf file in the
> lyx document conversion.  Now for some unknown reason when converting
> a lyx file toa pdf file or any other file the reference list is
> missing in the document conversion and the reference in the text are
> not recognised and appear as [?].  I have no idea what has caused the
> problem.  Why it was working before and not now since as far as I am
> aware I have done nothing.  It happens on all my lyx files.  I attach
> a simple example lyx file, the latex file and the pdf conversion file
> and the bib reference file.  I would be very grateful if someone could
> shed some light as to what is going on.  Its a really annoying.  I am
> writing a review article using lyx which is about 6o pages long
> Best regards
> Mike Reeks

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