FW: Problems using Bibtex with lyx.

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I’ll give it a go Kees. Thanks 

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 Subject: Problems using Bibtex with lyx. Help!!
I have used bibtex generated bibliography with access to an appropriates bibtex database of references in all my lyx files that cite references. 
Upto now I have had no problems. I usually generate a pdf file in the lyx document conversion. Now for some unknown reason when converting a lyx file toa  pdf file or any other file the reference list  is missing in the document conversion and the reference in the text are not recognised and appear as [?]. I have no idea what has caused the problem. Why it was working before and not now since as far as I am aware I have done nothing.  It happens on all my lyx files. I attach a simple example lyx file, the latex file and the pdf conversion file and the bib reference file. I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light as to what is going on. Its a really annoying. I am writing a review article using lyx which is about 6o pages long
Best regards
Mike Reeks
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  When I compile your MWE, I get both references printed, but the second reference is garbled and causes a warning message in the LaTeX log. It appears that the citation was copied from a PDF file and pasted into the BibTeX database (either directly or through a program such as JabRef). If you open the .bib database in a plain text editor and cursor through the title of the Tian & Ahmad paper, you'll see that the first two letters of "flows" count as one character (due to kerning in the PDF file). Similarly, the two f's in "different" are actually one character.
 There's probably a smarter way to fix it, but all else failing you can run through the database and retype anything that generates a complaint in the LaTeX log.
Same here, on MS-Windows with MikTeX. As an alternative to Paul's suggestion, you might  set the language coding to utf8 (in LyX: Document / Settings / Language / other)


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