LyX 2.3.5

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Hm… your advice under point A:…

  *   Use a different adm name from my standard user name when I install programs?

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So… I have uninstalled both MikTeX and LyX, and try to re-install them.

With MikTeX, I do the following:

  1.  Choose to install it under directory “C:\\Program_Files\MikTeX\MikTeX_2_9” instead of the default location (“…\AppData\Local\Programs\MikTeX 2.9\”)
  2.  Settings: Preferred paper size – A4, Install missing pagackages on-the-fly: Yes
  3.  After MikTeX has installed packages, I check for updates. There were 8 updates, which I installed from “A random package repository on the internet”.

Next, I install LyX 2.3.5:

  1.  I install LyX in directory “C:\Program_Files\LyX\LyX_2_3”
  2.  The LyX installer finds MikTeX at “C:\Program_Files\MikTeX\MikTeX_2_9\miktex\bin\x64”.

  1.  LyX takes some time to install, and downloads some missing packages:

[cid:image001.png at 01D63F19.144CFB50]

  1.  When LyX has been installed, I try to open a template. Result:

[cid:image002.png at 01D63F19.144CFB50]

I do a search for file IEEEtran.cls, and it is there:
[cid:image003.png at 01D63F19.144CFB50]


  1.  Why doesn’t LyX find this file?
  2.  Is the problem that I have not chosen the default installation path of LyX and/or MikTeX?

I just had the same error earlier this morning. From my experience:

  1.  Probably because the filename database has not been updated. This may happen when you install MikTeX as an administrator (user who has administrative rights), but call LyX as that same user but without invoking his administrative rights; or if you have followed some variant of this.
In general, it is best to install as an administrator but call your applications as an ordinary user (i.e. user without any administrative rights), and so keep a strict difference between the two types of users.
  2.  Perhaps. You might try it if you cannot follow the advice under A.

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