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> On 6/8/20 11:19 AM, Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > I just tried this installer. It looks like it's missing a kind of
> > signature:
> Does this also happen with the 'official' LyX installer? If not, I
> wonder why not?

Yeah this happens on any software which is not known to Windows (from what
the web says
Programs, which not many users use (however Microsoft gets that data) are
considered insecure, this prompt will stop showing up eventually when
enough users run the installer. It will also not appear when you want to
run it a second time after you clicked on "run anyway" on previous
execution. FYI I just downloaded the official installer and got this prompt
when trying to run it for the first time.

> Also, when starting the installer, it complained that LyX was already
open, even though it was just a development version. I suppose that this
check should be performed much later, i.e. just when actually starting the
installation: is the LyX version installed in that folder already started?

Ok, your feedback has reached me, I will see what I can do there.

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