A LyX success

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Fri Jul 24 16:32:47 UTC 2020

On 7/24/20 11:55 AM, Les wrote:
> My memoir "Blizzards and Broken Grousers -- a Year of Antarctic
> Glaciology" has been accepted in its final form for publication by the
> Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).
> The form in which it has been accepted is a single 348-page PDF file
> containing all of the book except the cover and a title page, ready for
> printing. I requested this, because I did not want to scour proofs
> someone else had typeset, taking into consideration 110 figures, a
> five-page glossary, and an 18-page index.
> The PDF is generated from LyX.
> I used the Memoir class, adjusting text layout to match exactly the
> specifications SEG supplied. This required quite an extensive preamble,
> and some TeX within the document. The most difficult parts were getting
> the chapter pagestyle exactly as requested, and getting  the
> bibliography format exactly as requested.
> I have a Master document and eleven Child documents. The figures
> include scanned paper originals (PNG), photographs (JPEG), graphs
> (Grace), and maps (PDF generated using Generic Mapping Tools).
> The editing process involved me sharing my PDF on Dropbox. The editor
> marked corrections (using Adobe, I think) and I changed the LyX files
> to make the corrections, and generated a new PDF. She was particularly
> grateful that I could use the correct symbol (\textminus) for  negative
> temperatures. Apparently most authors settle for an en-dash. The last
> correction made was replacing a non-standard degree symbol I had
> included in a quote copied and pasted from the Australian Antarctic
> Division website.
> Initial approval of the book was determined last December. I
> reformatted it to the SEG specification I sent the first reformatted
> PDF the first week in January, and received the first corrections in
> March (with an apology for delays due to the pandemic). I have received
> two more sets of corrections, and sent two more revisions, before
> receiving the publication agreement for me to sign on Monday.
> I have been using LyX for about twenty years, and am extremely grateful
> to the volunteers who have made it what  it is today.

Congratulations! I've also produced two books in roughly this way
(though minus Dropbox) and am in the process of producing a third such.
It certainly is nice to have such fine-grained control over the
appearance of one's own book.

What font did you use?


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