A LyX success

Les denhamles at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 15:55:37 UTC 2020

My memoir "Blizzards and Broken Grousers -- a Year of Antarctic
Glaciology" has been accepted in its final form for publication by the
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

The form in which it has been accepted is a single 348-page PDF file
containing all of the book except the cover and a title page, ready for
printing. I requested this, because I did not want to scour proofs
someone else had typeset, taking into consideration 110 figures, a
five-page glossary, and an 18-page index.

The PDF is generated from LyX.

I used the Memoir class, adjusting text layout to match exactly the
specifications SEG supplied. This required quite an extensive preamble,
and some TeX within the document. The most difficult parts were getting
the chapter pagestyle exactly as requested, and getting  the
bibliography format exactly as requested.

I have a Master document and eleven Child documents. The figures
include scanned paper originals (PNG), photographs (JPEG), graphs
(Grace), and maps (PDF generated using Generic Mapping Tools).

The editing process involved me sharing my PDF on Dropbox. The editor
marked corrections (using Adobe, I think) and I changed the LyX files
to make the corrections, and generated a new PDF. She was particularly
grateful that I could use the correct symbol (\textminus) for  negative
temperatures. Apparently most authors settle for an en-dash. The last
correction made was replacing a non-standard degree symbol I had
included in a quote copied and pasted from the Australian Antarctic
Division website.

Initial approval of the book was determined last December. I
reformatted it to the SEG specification I sent the first reformatted
PDF the first week in January, and received the first corrections in
March (with an apology for delays due to the pandemic). I have received
two more sets of corrections, and sent two more revisions, before
receiving the publication agreement for me to sign on Monday.

I have been using LyX for about twenty years, and am extremely grateful
to the volunteers who have made it what  it is today.

Les Denham

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