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jorge hernando jorgea.hernando at
Wed Jul 15 17:08:50 UTC 2020

This thread, suggested by Daniel Clement, is, in fact, a splitting off of a
previous track (no accents with dead keys); there it was concluded that, at
least,  qt5 5.14 has a bug and that 5.11 has not. The bug was that the dead
keys are really dead.
As a working workaround I tried writing in a non qt application, nedit in
my case, and do a copy paste with the mouse in lyx. It worked, all the
accents and c cedille appear but the new lines disappear. If I made Insert
-> File -> Plain Text the accentuated characters got an icon, meaning I
don't know this, but the new lines remained. Same behaviour if I import the
Therefore the object of this thread: is it possible, with some setting, to
have the best of both worlds?

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