no accents with dead keys

jorge hernando jorgea.hernando at
Mon Jul 13 14:14:26 UTC 2020

Thanks to all of you. I believe I can confirm that this is a qt bug.
Following Daniel's suggestion I installed featherpad (a qt application) and
it has the same lyx behaviour: the dead keys are really dead. I was going
to install from source but I think that it doesn't matter. Has it appeared
any workaround?

Thanks to all of you


On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 3:50 AM Daniel CLEMENT <dclement1 at>

> Hi Jorge, I have struggled a long time with dead keys, but only for the
> cedilla character. I posted several times about that; I can but offer
> to compare our setups
> Le dimanche 12 juillet 2020 à 17:02 -0300, jorge hernando a écrit :
> > Hallo
> >   I have one PC with english keyboard (US international with dead
> > keys)
> same here (LyX 2.3.2 - Debian Stretch [yeah I know...])
> > [...] the accents work perfectly (e.g. á is " 'a ") when in a
> > terminal, opening nedit, ooffice, etc.
> But these are not "QT applications". Could you compare with another
> such app. (Filezilla? Scribus? Master PDF?...)
> > but in lyx not only it doesn't work, the dead key is really dead: if
> > I type ' in lyx it doesn't type anything [...]
> Can't you even get the apostrophe with ' + spacebar?
> >
> >   [...] I looked at some .kmap files in
> > /usr/share/lyx/kbd, [...]
> I understand that these files are now deprecated, and overridden by the
> QT settings (can someone confirm that?)
> > [...] I looked at /usr/share/lyx/bind
> This is for shortcuts, but of course you want to type accented
> characters the same way in LyX as in other apps, don't you?
> So here, working PC with US Intl + dead keys:
> - my ~.lyx/kbd folder is empty;
> - in LyX under Tools -> Editing -> Keyboard/Mouse I have no "keyboard
> remap" specified.
> This generally allows me to get the accented characters (except the
> cedilla). What about first trying with a completely blank LyX setup
> (e.g. renaming your .lyx folder)?
> > [...] In the mailing list it is mentioned (in 2019) that there is a
> > workaround related with Qt: to include in .xsessionrc the line
> >   export QT_IM_MODULE=xim
> >   I created the file with that line but didn't work
> In case you came across a post of mine, I was referring to
> (especially post #39) But it's about getting the cedilla, not _all_ of
> the accented characters, but you might want to review this thread.
> However, the "export QT_IM_MODULE=xim" thing is not a solution by
> itself, but comes after tweaking some QT config files (mentioned in the
> thread above). Maybe something got broken there with a QT update? It
> always happens to me.
> But let's hope you won't have to dive into this for each and every
> accented character!
> Good luck - Daniel
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