no accents with dead keys

Kees Zeelenberg kzstatis at
Mon Jul 13 12:30:45 UTC 2020

Op 12-07-2020 om 22:02 schreef jorge hernando:
> Hallo
>   I have one PC with english keyboard (US international with dead 
> keys) and another one with spanish keyboard (Castilian Spanish with 
> dead keys) both with fedora 32 (since a couple of days) and lyx 
> In both PC have the same problem: the accents work perfectly 
> (e.g. á is " 'a ") when in a terminal, opening nedit, ooffice, etc. 
> but in lyx not only it doesn't work, the dead key is really dead: if I 
> type ' in lyx it doesn't type anything but, there is at least one 
> exception, when saving a file, I can type a name with accents (?)
Using the "US International keyboard with dead keys", I can create 
accented letters in the usual way, e.g. "e gives ë, etc. This works both 
in Linux Mint 20 with LyX and Windows 10 with LyX The 
system language is Dutch (nl_nl) in both cases.

I can get the ç (c with cedilla), with Alt R + ,


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