LyX Relesed

Daniel xracoonx at
Mon Jul 13 11:01:24 UTC 2020

On 13/7/20 10:18, Mike Reeks wrote:
> This recent version has screwed me up. It offers no real advantages and 
> annoyingly won’t allow spaces in file names as part of the file 
> location. The 2.1 version allows it. Bloody nuisance and for what 
> possible reason.  I also use palatino fonts which I find very attractive 
> only to find they are no longer available. So can anyone tell me how I 
> can incorporate these fonts. Why on earth did the lyx developers drop it?
> Best
> Mike Reeks

Hi Mike,

I can understand your frustration but I am sure these changes were not 

I just tried both spaces in a document's file name as well as in the 
path. It seems to work just fine. Your report is a bit ambiguous though. 
Is it some file that you are importing, such as a child document or graphic?

I can also use Palatino with no problem it seems.

I am on Windows 10 (1909) and (official installer) LyX Version
(25 June 2020).


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