no accents with dead keys

Daniel CLEMENT dclement1 at
Mon Jul 13 06:50:47 UTC 2020

Hi Jorge, I have struggled a long time with dead keys, but only for the
cedilla character. I posted several times about that; I can but offer
to compare our setups

Le dimanche 12 juillet 2020 à 17:02 -0300, jorge hernando a écrit :
> Hallo
>   I have one PC with english keyboard (US international with dead
> keys) 

same here (LyX 2.3.2 - Debian Stretch [yeah I know...])

> [...] the accents work perfectly (e.g. á is " 'a ") when in a
> terminal, opening nedit, ooffice, etc. 

But these are not "QT applications". Could you compare with another
such app. (Filezilla? Scribus? Master PDF?...)

> but in lyx not only it doesn't work, the dead key is really dead: if
> I type ' in lyx it doesn't type anything [...]

Can't you even get the apostrophe with ' + spacebar?
>   [...] I looked at some .kmap files in
> /usr/share/lyx/kbd, [...]

I understand that these files are now deprecated, and overridden by the
QT settings (can someone confirm that?)

> [...] I looked at /usr/share/lyx/bind 

This is for shortcuts, but of course you want to type accented
characters the same way in LyX as in other apps, don't you? 

So here, working PC with US Intl + dead keys:
- my ~.lyx/kbd folder is empty;
- in LyX under Tools -> Editing -> Keyboard/Mouse I have no "keyboard
remap" specified.

This generally allows me to get the accented characters (except the
cedilla). What about first trying with a completely blank LyX setup
(e.g. renaming your .lyx folder)?

> [...] In the mailing list it is mentioned (in 2019) that there is a
> workaround related with Qt: to include in .xsessionrc the line
>   export QT_IM_MODULE=xim
>   I created the file with that line but didn't work

In case you came across a post of mine, I was referring to
(especially post #39) But it's about getting the cedilla, not _all_ of
the accented characters, but you might want to review this thread.

However, the "export QT_IM_MODULE=xim" thing is not a solution by
itself, but comes after tweaking some QT config files (mentioned in the
thread above). Maybe something got broken there with a QT update? It
always happens to me.

But let's hope you won't have to dive into this for each and every
accented character!

Good luck - Daniel

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