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> Hallo
>   I have one PC with english keyboard (US international with dead keys) and
> another one with spanish keyboard (Castilian Spanish with dead keys) both
> with fedora 32 (since a couple of days) and lyx In both PC have
> the same problem: the accents work perfectly (e.g. á is " 'a ") when in a
> terminal, opening nedit, ooffice, etc. but in lyx not only it doesn't work,
> the dead key is really dead: if I type ' in lyx it doesn't type anything
> but, there is at least one exception, when saving a file, I can type a name
> with accents (?)
>   A couple of days ago, I updated the PCs which both were with fedora 29
> and lyx 2.3.3 and  worked correctly. I tried downgrading lyx to 2.3.4 to no
> avail. I wanted to install the lyx 2.3.3 of fedora 29 but couldn't. I
> tried, according to the customization manual, to add the following line to
> the file .lyx/lyxrc.default
>   accent-circumflex  "S-^"
>   to no avail. I created the file .lyx/lyxrc with the same line and with
> the same result. I looked at some .kmap files in /usr/share/lyx/kbd,
> specifically at the francais.kmap, espanol.kmap and the european.kmap and
> all of them have the acents defined. Then I went to Tools -> Editing ->
> Keyboard/Mouse and included them in turn with no change at all. I looked at
> /usr/share/lyx/bind and was completely lost; I didn't understand a thing.
> Searching with google I found some references but also didn't understand
> them. In the mailing list it is mentioned (in 2019) that there is a
> workaround related with Qt: to include in .xsessionrc the line
>   export QT_IM_MODULE=xim
>   I created the file with that line but didn't work
>   As now I'm writing in french, which needs all the dead keys combinations,
> I exclude the use of latex writing style.
>   As conclusion: am I doing anything wrong? The other possibilities I see
> are: either I'm a lucky guy and I found a bug in lyx or the fedora 32
> implementation went askew. Any suggestions?
>   Jorge Hernando

You could define some standard keys to help you. Look into slovak.kmap
Here '=' for instance works as dead_acute for the chars aceilnorsuyzACEILNORSUYZ.
Don't forget to use your new kmap.

Tools->Preferences...->Editing->Keyboard/Mouse->Use_keyboard map->Primary

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