Lyx and won't open old files on Mac [Solved]

Niklas Huldén nhulden at
Mon Jul 6 08:28:46 UTC 2020

Den 01-07-2020 kl. 17:53, skrev Richard Kimberly Heck:
> On 7/1/20 6:59 AM, Niklas Huldén wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I installed LyX 2.3.5 in June on my MacBook Air 13 (Catalina) and
>> noticed that I could not open files from the "Recent files" list in
>> the File menu. The program opened an empty document with the name of
>> the recent file. I could open old documents using the "Open.." choise
>> from the menu.
>> When I installed version I hoped this behaiviour would have
>> been corrected, but now I could't even use the "Open..." choise. It
>> allways opens up an empty file with the name om the file that should
>> have opened. Same with version that I installed today. For
>> some reason I can open the default Splash.lyx that sits on the "Recent
>> files"
>> I have backupped my Preferenses file and started up an default version
>> of LyX but the same behaviour continues. What could be the reason for
>> this? Have anyone had similar problems?
> If you can open LyX from a terminal, with argument "-dbg files", you
> might get more information. You can also  do this by opening the
> messages pane (View> Messages Pane) and activating "files" debug
> messages. (Go to Settings on the pane, click "Selected" then choose
> "files").
> I would guess there is something wrong with the path that LyX is getting.
> Riki
Ok, thanks! I did that but the log shows nothing unusual. But the 
problem seems related only to files that reside in Dropbox folders. Lyx 
opens the files directly but does not download the contents from the 
Dropbox cloud. If i open a folder in the Dropbox app and doubleclick on 
a LyX-file it opens correctly in LyX. It used to work without hazzle 
from the LyX-menus before. Maybe it is a Dropbox problem.

Best regards!


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