LyX layouts for IEEE Open Journals

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Sun Dec 27 15:21:37 UTC 2020

On 12/26/20 11:12 PM, list_email at wrote:
> [[ For some reason my posts are not showing up in my mail reader so I’m replying to Riki’s post. They are in the archive, however. Sorry. ]]
> I believe the IEEE Open Journal template, called open.tex when downloaded by the IEEE, is using or leveraging off of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics which has page-wide abstract and index terms sections. Thus the line \documentclass[transmag]{IEEEtran}.
> However, when I import open.tex into LyX and tell it that it is a IEEE Transactions on Magnetics paper, I get this warning:
> "You are using at least one layout (Abstract) intended for the title, after using non-title layouts. This could lead to missing or incorrect output.”
> The PDF is then rendered without abstract or index terms, as I reported earlier.
> The IEEEtran-TransMag.layout file seems to import the IEEEtran.layout file since it contains the line
> Input IEEEtran.layout
> but I can’t seem to figure out the source of the warning, which makes certain sense to me but I know little of this business.

The warning is telling you the exact problem: For whatever reason, the
Abstract is appearing in the LyX file after something that isn't part of
the title. (In LaTeX terms, that means that it appears after \maketitle
or the equivalent has been output.) If you move it ahead of such things,
then the abstract should appear. I'm not sure about index terms.


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