LyX layouts for IEEE Open Journals

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Sun Dec 27 04:12:27 UTC 2020

[[ For some reason my posts are not showing up in my mail reader so I’m replying to Riki’s post. They are in the archive, however. Sorry. ]]

I believe the IEEE Open Journal template, called open.tex when downloaded by the IEEE, is using or leveraging off of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics which has page-wide abstract and index terms sections. Thus the line \documentclass[transmag]{IEEEtran}.

However, when I import open.tex into LyX and tell it that it is a IEEE Transactions on Magnetics paper, I get this warning:

"You are using at least one layout (Abstract) intended for the title, after using non-title layouts. This could lead to missing or incorrect output.”

The PDF is then rendered without abstract or index terms, as I reported earlier.

The IEEEtran-TransMag.layout file seems to import the IEEEtran.layout file since it contains the line

Input IEEEtran.layout

but I can’t seem to figure out the source of the warning, which makes certain sense to me but I know little of this business.

As was suggested, I think we have a minor change to get this to work with the IEEE open journal but I’m afraid my time has about run out.


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