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> On Dec 22, 2020, at 9:34 AM, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikiheck at> wrote:
> On 12/22/20 4:58 AM, list_email at wrote:
>> The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has a series of new ‘open” journals which use a different Tex format than other IEEE journals.
>> A superficial inspection shows that the main difference is that the abstract and index terms span the entire width of the page whereas the traditional format confines those elements to a column width in the two-column format.
>> Does anyone know of a LyX layout or template for IEEE open journals?
>> The IEEE LaTex templates are a few clicks away from this text, "IEEE article templates,” on this page:
> I do not know, but here's an easy experiment: Copy the IEEEtran.layout
> file into your local LyX layout directory (e.g., $HOME/.lyx/layouts/,
> for me). Now rename it to whatever the name of the new class file is and
> try importing one of their new LaTeX templates. If the changes are as
> minor as you suggest, that should just work. Possibly a few small tweaks
> will be needed, but someone who actually uses this layout will be best
> placed to do that.
> Riki
Thanks, Riki.

I’m about 79% clueless here so I probably did not do what you suggest.

First of all, the template folder that IEEE downloads to my computer for the open journal papers is far less populated than the IEEEtran download. In fact, it looks a little deficient to my uninformed eyes. Here is the directory structure as downloaded:


No .bib files, no .bst, no .cls. Just a .tex and the PDF is already rendered.

You might recall that the IEEEtran download is more extensive. Here is its file structure:

IEEETransactions_LaTeX 2:

The IEEEtran.cls handles many contingencies and is over 6000 lines.

Without doing anything else, when I simply import the open.tex into LyX, the document appears as a IEEE Transactions in Document -> Settings -> Document Class. Also, the abstract and index terms parts appear _in_LyX_ as expected in an IEEEtran setting, that is, they are visible and in bold font and properly labeled as such, i.e., the IEEE’s traditional Abstract——- and Index terms—— (that’s supposed to be three dashes but my e-mail program keeps combining them into em dashes.) This all seems extremely promising. However, when the PDF is rendered, the Abstract and Index terms are missing, but the rest of the paper looks OK as compared to the pre-rendered one that the IEEE includes with the download.

Now, when I try to do as you suggest, I get a little fuzzy. Here’s what I did. LyX on macOS stores the IEEEtran.layout file in the LyX application bundle which is here:


Next I copied the IEEEtran.layout file to the directory of the IEEE “open” download because that is what opens in a file dialog when I click on “Local Layout…” in Document Settings. I renamed it open.layout and tried again to import the open.tex file. Same results all around. Maybe I didn’t copy the IEEEtran.layout to the right place—I was a little unclear what you meant by "your local LyX layout directory."

I can spend a little more time on this but I’m pretty much fumbling around but am willing to fumble a bit more. I do have a deadline to get a paper submitted so I will likely just use the IEEEtran template of LyX. Surely I’m not the only one submitting using the old format. I do sort of know how to temporarily set the columns to “one” and so I might fake it and submit a PDF that way in order to get the abstract and index terms to appear across the whole page. If the paper is accepted then I would hope that the problem would fall on someone else to fix the format.


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