Plugin creation info?

Christos Liaskos cliaskos at
Mon Dec 21 12:11:44 UTC 2020


Mailmerge is indeed a very nice example.

Other examples (with more dynamic auto-completion content) would be: 
proposing citations for a sentence based on the context and your 
history, proposing ways to shorten or expand a statement, proposing 
auto-fixes for issues like "undefined terms", "inconsistent ordering of 
items",  etc.

There are external text-analysis tools to do all that already (at some 
level). So I was looking for a general way to integrate them to LyX by 
"hacking" the existing auto-completion mechanism a bit.

Incidentally, with such an autocompletion mechanism, I would be glad to 
try and use LyX for code-authoring (in the programming sense), apart 
from text. It would be nice to code with some beautiful typesetting for 
a change :)

I can start looking into the code then. Are the LFUNs a good to place to 
start and get an idea about how things work? (top-to-bottom approach..)


On 12/20/2020 9:11 PM, John White wrote:
> This is an interesting thread.  Reminds me of Wordstar's mailmerge.
> John
> On Sunday, December 20, 2020 8:07:09 AM PST Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
>> On 12/19/20 7:36 AM, Christos Liaskos wrote:
>>> Dear LyX development team,
>>> First of all, many thanks for your hard work! I am an enthusiastic
>>> user of LyX since 2009.
>>> I would like to create a custom plugin. (The goal is to provide
>>> generalized text autocompletion, depending on the context).
>>> I have searched for information about developing plugins in general,
>>> but I can't find much.
>>> Can you direct me to some info on how to develop plugins?
>> There are no plugins as such for LyX. Anything that's in the code is in
>> the main codebase. The only exception is the various configuration files
>> that are text files (layouts, templates, the math autocomplete file,
>> etc). So kind of thing you are envisaging would just need to be added to
>> the main code.
>> I'm curious though what you mean by "generalized text autocompletion".
>> Riki

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