How to avoid RCS and use git always?

Baris Erkus bariserkus at
Fri Dec 18 09:18:16 UTC 2020

On 17-Dec-20 2:15 PM, Matěj Cepl wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to persuade my wife to start using VCS for her
> documents, and avoid pressing her to use command line for it. I
> thought that just by running git init in the directory her
> documents are stored, LyX would understand that I want to use git
> exclusively, but it still suggests RCS. I have to git add and git
> commit the document to make LyX understand my preferences.
> Is there somewhere some option which would switch off RCS for her
> forever?
> Best,
> Matěj
RCS can be depreciated from LyX , as it is too outdated and does not 
work on cloud drives?

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