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Sun Dec 13 17:27:10 UTC 2020

On Friday, December 11, 2020 8:50:36 AM WET Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
> Murat,
> also look for pandoc’s template (-t latex) which you can modify. You really
> want Koma-Script instead of the standard (ie scrartcl vs article), and you
> also want LuaLaTeX (if you are not using it already.
> Then google
> I took the example from Wandmalfarbe and modified it heavily for my use two
> years ago and had to use a little Perl because tex2lyx produced some ERT,
> but tex2lyx has been revised a number of times by then, and, as I wrote
> before my situation was very specific.
> My latest hobby, by the way, is to re-engineer hardcopy forms in LyX and
> then use Perl’s template toolkit to have my practice software fill in my
> patients’ details :-)-O.
> Even figured out a way to generate a realistically looking date stamp  which
> varies by location and rotation randomly a little and put it into the
> preamble so no ERT when it appears in the PDF. But I had to have someone
> explain my own LaTeX code to me :-)-O
> greetings, el

Hi Eberhard and Murat,
  I always find these threads very enlightening. :-)

If you find the time and motivation it would be nice to add these nice 
snippets to the LyX wiki so they do not get forget here.

Best regards, 
José Abílio
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