How to make an A4 presentation with Beamer?

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Sun Dec 13 13:12:23 UTC 2020

On 13-Dec-20 3:42 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Dec 2020 14:54:37 +0300
> Baris Erkus <bariserkus at> wrote:
>> On 13-Dec-20 2:52 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I live in the US, so all my computer's defaults are set to the US,
>>> including paper size. I have a customer in Europe for whom I need to
>>> make a presentation, using Beamer (alone, not with LyX), printable
>>> on A4 paper.
>>> I've tried various combinations and variants of the following :
>>> \usepackage{geometry}
>>> \special{papersize 29.7cm, 21cm}
>>> \hsize 29.7cm
>>> \vsize 21.0cm
>>> \usepackage[a4paper, total={29.5cm, 20.8cm}]{geometry}
>>> \geometry{letterpaper, landscape, total={11.5in, 8in}}
>>> Some forced the latex program to abort with error, some caused only
>>> a tiny rendering of the slide on a big A4 paper, some caused the
>>> printing to be portrait, when I could print landscape it printed
>>> upside down, what a mess.
>>> Does anyone have a way to use Beamer (not LyX/Beamer) to create a
>>> PDF that can print correctly on a European printer?
>>> Thanks,
>>> SteveT
>>> Steve Litt
>>> Autumn 2020 featured book: Thriving in Tough Times
>> Could you please send a MWE, so that we can have a look at it?
> That's a good idea, Baris, and I already sent the MWE files to you. In
> case anyone else wants to take a crack at it, I'm attaching four MWE
> files:
> mwe.beamer is the MWE source
> mwe.pdf is my attempt at A4. It's upside down, and the print is way
> smaller than it's supposed to be.
> kk is the shellscript that compiles mwe.beamer into mwe.pdf.
> All 3 files go in a single directory, and assuming you have the same
> texlive packages I have, it should compile to the same result mine did.
> What I want is a PDF, printable on A4, that has the right sized print
> and is right side up instead of upside down.
> Thanks,
> SteveT
> Steve Litt
> Autumn 2020 featured book: Thriving in Tough Times
AFAIK, Beamer class does not provide slides with A4 or Letter 
dimensions. The default size of slides are smaller than Letter sized 
papers, but when you open them for presentation using a PDF viewer, the 
PDF viewer shows the slides using the whole screen/projector area so you 
do not see any issue with the size. When you print them, the printer 
enlarges it to fit to the page margin, so probably you will not have an 
issue with that either. So the problem is not whether you use 
Letter-sized or A4-sized paper. It is simply Beamer does not provide 
slides with those dimensions. This is what I know, but forums such as 
Stack Exchange will have more correct information on this.

What I do generally is I leave the PDF file as it is, and it is 
generally good enough to see on the screen as PDF viewers will enlarge 
it as necessary. When printing, you can tell the PDF viewer to fit to 
the margins of an A4 or A3 or Letter size paper.

Alternatively, you can print the slides to A4 size with a PDF tool such 
as PDF X-change.

This is not a LyX- problem so, I am not sure if the audience of this 
list has expertise on this matter.

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