New windows installers (2.3.6, both 32 and 64 bit) do not start installation

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Thu Dec 10 19:55:31 UTC 2020

Am Do., 10. Dez. 2020 um 20:53 Uhr schrieb Yu Jin <yu_jin at>:

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>> Le 10/12/2020 à 19:12, Yu Jin a écrit :
>> > It was not meant to be over installed:
>> >
>> > <>
>> >
>> > <>
>> > While it's nothing system breaking, you are leaving junk in your
>> > registry behind which might affect something else (like installer not
>> > starting).
>> >
>> > Riki, please add this note to the website on the download section
>> (maybe
>> > at least a link to the news section).
>> Eugene, is it possible to detect this condition and uninstall the
>> previous version, or is it precisely what you are trying to avoid
>> (because it is too difficult to get right)?
> Looking back I have to say that releasing the new installer as official
> was too suddenly. I also thought recently that I should have implemented a
> bit of code that at least prevents overinstalling with a message box saying
> that old LyX needs to be uninstalled. If I'd been told 2 weeks before the
> release that the new installer would be released as official, then I would
> have thought about this. Now it is kinda too late, because those who
> already overinstalled will not be able to remove the old junk in the
> registry without knowing what to do or following a rather long instructions
> set. I'm not blaming Riki or anyone else, just giving feedback and
> recording the occurrence, because I too should have braked and asked for a
> bit of time to think.
It's actually mainly me who is to blame, since Riki asked...

> But anyway, it's not the end of the world for anyone and for us and me it
> was an experience, and all experience is valuable.
> Back to your question. Technically it is possible, it just needs to be
> coded (as everything else). Though it would be a pain (because there is not
> just LyX specific, but also imagemagick, ghostscript and python registry
> entries made by the old installer), I think I could code that if we agree
> on it. And I would also implement what I said above, where the installer
> would cancel with a message box. A question would be if we then release
> 2.3.6-Installer-2 with these new parts and maybe get those few, who still
> did not update, to update safely (which is what I would propose) or repair
> everything with 2.3.7/2.4.0.
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