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Tue Dec 8 18:54:22 UTC 2020

Hi Stephan,Thanks for your replyI've been able to install the version, but it's not possible to save a file or see the preview. Any ideas? Von meinem/meiner Galaxy gesendet
-------- Ursprüngliche Nachricht --------Von: Stephan Witt <st.witt at> Datum: 07.12.20  21:16  (GMT+01:00) An: Corinna Schmieder <schmieder.corinna at> Cc: lyx-users at Betreff: Re: Mac Os X 10.10 Am 07.12.2020 um 20:50 schrieb Corinna Schmieder <schmieder.corinna at>:> > Hello, > I’m a student from Germany. For my Seminar work I’ve to use LyX. But I don’t know which Version I have to install on my old Mac Book with Os X 10.10. Can you please help me?> Thanks a lot!Hi Corinna,please install the latest stable version LyX-2.3.6 if possible.If it doesn’t work for you I’ll try to help you.Best regards, Stephan
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