LyX 2.3.6 Windows Installer

Bert Lloyd bert.lloyd.89 at
Thu Dec 3 20:49:19 UTC 2020

Thanks to all for your work on this update.

I have a few custom modules in my AppData, will these be affected by
uninstalling my previous release? If so, is there a recommended way to
back them up or restore them?

Many thanks,

PS - LyX with MikTeX 2.9 on Windows 10 Ed

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 1:32 PM Richard Kimberly Heck <rikiheck at> wrote:
> As noted in the announcement of LyX 2.3.6, there is now an updated
> installer available for Windows, including a 64 bit version. In order to
> update to 2.3.6 on Windows using the new installer, you should uninstall
> the previous 2.3 releases using the uninstaller or from within the
> control panel/Windows settings beforehand. Make sure to not install LyX
> 2.3.6 into an existing LyX directory by choosing an empty folder for the
> installation.
> Riki
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