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Sun Aug 16 08:46:04 UTC 2020

On Sat, 15 Aug 2020 05:38:56 -0400
Steve Litt <slitt at> wrote:


> I wouldn't. You'd lose a heck of a lot of semantics going from LyX,
> which allows all the arbitrary paragraph and character styles you
> need, to Markdown, whose motto is "my way or the highway."

I see..although for simple articles it might be "good-enough".

In any case I want to simplify things here - LyX is great editor for LaTeX,
although I was hoping to switch to ConTeXt, but simply do not have enough time
to inverst in learning/mastering it...

> The real problem is that, as far as I know, after more than 10 years,
> LyX' html and xhtml exports change a lot of styles to appearances
> prematurely. When I asked about making a truly semantic (x)html
> export, the response I received was basically "hey, we're just
> interested in making our master theses, so you book authors just have
> to wait." Or "do it yourself", which I probably would have except
> LyX's code is, shall I say, hairy.

Thank you for elaborating the issue which might be handy if I plan to write
more semantically rich content in which case it is maybe better to just offer
PDF output for download on the web site?

> Things like indexing, references and bibliographies will present more
> of a challenge, but geez, it's been ten years.


> From what I've seen of Markdown, anything from Markdown is going to be
> pretty cookie-cutter. You might be better writing Asciidoctor with an
> editor.

I did explore both rst - which is a bit strange markup and Asciidoc(tor), but
the spec is going to be written in Java which will bring another chain
of deps. :-(

By settling on LyX/LateX I'm sure I can, at least, produce high-quality PDF
output for my articles, study-notes, book, slide presentations etc. and be sure
they are going to be present in the foreseeable future which I am not so sure
when it comes to e.g. ConTeXt.

> You haven't said why you want HTML and PDF from the same document.

I do *not* want HTML & PDF for the same document, but want to use the *same*
editor for creating both HTML content (to be pasted into Tiki CMS) as well as
PDF for everything else. ;)


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